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 Post subject: PS4 bugs encountered
PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:57 am 

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First of all, many thanks for a very addictive and fun game!

During play (on the PS4) I've spotted a few bugs:

a) I'm managed to complete runs with more than 15 badges, but the perk doesn't unlock (you've already mentioned this in another thread)

b) I've had it happen twice when entering a stage that as soon as I drop and hit the floor, the game completely crashes back to the PS4 menu. It happened on my first time in the Cakewalk (?) level when I started my 5th run (however, when playing again I did not have any problem), and the other time was during another play session, after doing an uberwin, and the next game when I entered the Sanctum I crashed out of it. Maybe some kind of memory leak thing that only happens after playing quite a few levels (I did Normal mode runs for maybe an hour or so). The exact crashes were always at : the level gets drawn, the music is played, I see myself spawn and fall on the floor, and as soon as I hit the floor, it happened. Luckily it only happened twice in some 13 runs or so.

c) I once played endless mode, and I was around stage 13 or so; I'd passed the Sanctum twice (didn't do the Crow's Nest) and I was at the Warehouse, where I entered the level which is basically huge, with the containers suspended from the ceiling (where you have to walk through the containers to get to the exit). Now I had picked up quite a few difficulty+ badges (and killed a few HugBots because I was low on health) and this level contained quite a lot of the two-arm-rotating-10-exploding-cannon-shooters. However, this resulted in a bucketload of flying missiles going through the dark and the framerate went down horribly, at some point I even had something like 1 frame per 3 seconds! After half an hour, lots of patience (because sometimes I turned 90 degrees to one side because of the lag) I managed to crawl in a container which made the framerate go up slightly, and I managed to exit the level; the next level was still choppy on the framerate, but when I was at the boss, it went much better, and the next stage ran as smoothly as ever. Maybe very large (empty) levels + high difficulty results in many shooty guns shooting many bullets that stay in the air for a while which results in possible frame rate drops? (especially when the bullets explode?) I only encountered this once.

d) I don't know if this is a bug, but I played endless mode, and died after 2 or 3 bosses, and I scored around 1000 points. A few days later I played endless mode again, did 15 or 20 stages (I managed to get around 15 jump upgrades, but that was not enough for the 45 second jump trophy ;) ), so I was at it for quite a while. I had quite a lot of gold, and apparently I didn't break my record of 1000? So how does scoring work in Endless Mode?

These are the minor things I encountered. I hope this will provide you with enough information to trap and squash these bugs ;)

Many thanks again for a fantastically entertaining and fun game, and congratulations on your release on PS4! :D

 Post subject: Re: PS4 bugs encountered
PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:57 am 
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Hi Carl from Belgium! Thanks so much for your post, and for supporting the game!

Grip Games, the folks who I partnered with to help me bring the game to consoles, is working on a patch for the game now. It should have fixes for the glitched 15-badge perk, as well as for some achievement/trophy isses, and also for a few of the most performance-sucking parts of the game (including that big warehouse room you mentioned--sorry about that!).

The scoring bug seems strange to me. I can't remember the algorithm for ranking off hand, but it should be something like your second example should have been much higher ranked than your first. Perhaps your second run wasn't tallying correctly for some reason.

As for the crash on level load, I've heard of rare reports of crashes, but not specifically when, so your comment there helps a ton to isolate the possible places where something could be going wrong. Don't go out of your way or anything, but if you see the crash again, I think the PS4 automatically captures the last 15 seconds of gameplay...and that would further help Grip find the cause. Of course, that recording might not "survive" the crash...if it does, there might be a way to "share" it.

Thanks again! I'm glad you're enjoying the game. :-)

 Post subject: Re: PS4 bugs encountered
PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:35 am 

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So I got this game today.

I've had the game freeze *multiple* times between levels to the point I have to quit the game and restart.

I just beat a boss and was moving onto the next level and the game outright crashed.

Really, really disappointed with the quality of this game. Not being able to progress due to difficulty is one thing, but not being able to progress due to crashes.....not good at all.

Not impressed.

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