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Unable to continue after death. Will make sense, promise.
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Author:  Mikango [ Sun Oct 23, 2016 4:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Unable to continue after death. Will make sense, promise.

So I was messing around and was using the hand cannon while on High Foot mode and endless. Decided to get the "I Hope This Won't Break The Game" achievement so tilted 10 times.

I got to the end using all my jumps and took enough dmg so that landing would kill me. I was about to land in the teleporter to get to the final boss? (First time actually tilting) and I died, no surprise there, although I didn't die.

I got into the loading screen and then spawned in, couldn't move, had no visible hp, tried shooting myself, realised I had Major Moose on so that didn't work, I jumped and I could move, decided to just roll with it and continue playing, only problem was that no enemies spawned in.

I heard the spawn noises to indicate that they were spawning but nothing popped up, there we're still power ups like gold, hp, item charge and weapon xp but nothing else.

I decided to check the boss room to see if the boss was there, it was not, couldn't progress further so decided to land and kill my self. That didn't work either.

Only thing I could do was to "rage quit" and close down the game.

PC Steam copy.

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