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Is this a bug?
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Author:  BlueGlass [ Thu Nov 27, 2014 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  Is this a bug?

So, I decided I wanted to see the uberwin text for all three tutorial stories. While doing that, I figured I might as well take the chance to get a 100% win ratio and gloat to myself about it. Unfortunately:


Is this intentional, or some weird glitch in whatever calculates the win/death ratio? Maybe because I went all the way for a uberwin?

Also, I'm curious: is it just my imagination, or does the difficulty actually rise faster on the tutorial story runs? More likely I'm just not all that good with the pistol and pizza thrower, spoiled by my lovely mini-LHC, but it felt like enemies were faster and hit harder than normal, especially on Logistics and Sanctum.

Author:  blankslatejoe [ Sun Nov 30, 2014 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Is this a bug?

hm..I thought I fixed that math bug. In 1.1 if you won the game without ever losing it would not show the correct win percent, but I thought I had fixed that in 1.2+..thanks for the report.

Also, no, you're not crazy--the game DOES get harder faster in the tutorial stories. There are a few reasons why I did that that I won't get into now... but it was a bit of an experiment in player psychology!

Anyway, thanks for supporting ToG!

Author:  BlueGlass [ Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Is this a bug?

Neat to hear about the difficulty increase, and now I can feel content knowing I was able to beat a much harder version of the game. You've really made something incredible here.

I'd also like to take this chance to report a few other bugs I've noticed.

First of all, for no apparent reason at all, gold hugboats no longer spawn, ever. I'll go through the whole of Hugbot Alley without seeing even one of them. Clearing the save data fixed this, but then it happened again after a few runs. It's not really a big deal to me, since I never kill hugbots anymore, but it's pretty obvious and a little disconcerting.

Next, with the 2-boss fights, sometimes I've noticed that the exit door will be open during the middle of the battle. I've seen this most often on Battlements, though I think its also happened on Warehouse and Logistics as well. I've never tried to go through the open door, so I have no idea how the game would handle that.

Another thing with the 2-boss fights: if you manage to kill them so that both are exploding at the same time, both will drop items/gun mods. For all I know, this could be intentional, but if not, I think you should leave it in, since getting them to die at the same time is hard and tricky enough to be worth the extra reward. While I haven't felt brave enough to test it, I assume this would also work for the 3-boss fights in the TOG-o-drome.

Finally, something that I assume is an unintentional exploit in dice roll mode: the effects of a room start just before you fully enter the room, so if you get an effect you don't like or can't handle very well (example: "force hoppy" with jump height 20 and 100+ extra jumps), you can replace it with something else or, in the room before the boss, deactivate it entirely. Of course, this can be a bit risky, since you might replace it with an even worse effect, like say you get "terrible loot" and decide to change it, only to get "difficulty loot" instead. Sometimes, I've even gotten the exact same effect. Tilting during this will also take you to the room you've partially entered. Personally, I think this should stay in the game, as it adds an interesting element of strategic risk to dice roll mode.

By the way, dice roll+endless mode is definitely my favorite way to play. Of course, it can end rather suddenly, like yesterday when I got 1/3rd armor and was then one-shotted from max 900 health by a champion sawblade launcher.

EDIT: One more unusual dice mode bug I've noticed is that the +100 money effect doesn't work properly. At least, when you have more than a certain amount (I think it's over 1000), it acts really weirdly, and you actually lose a significant amount of money.

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