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 Post subject: Nightmare mode suggestions and an "exploit?"
PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:49 pm 

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I'll split this in 2 sections because the second part is a balancing issue and almost an exploit.
Section 1 (Nightmare tweaks)

I finally beat the game on Nightmare mode and I had a lot of fun on my way there but I think with some minor tweaks the mode would be even better. I used the 609MM Handcannon because of it's great dmg, its precision at long range and most importantly the recoil.

One of my main issues is how important extra jumps are in this game. This usually resolves itself over the course of a run but it kinda becomes worse and worse if you get unlucky. Alot of the secret areas are easily accessable with only like 2 extra jumps. If you get those early on this means more secrets = more loot = more extra jumps. But if you don't get any jumps for the first couple floors (or the rocket boots from a boss/shop) you are usually in a bad spot by then. This is especially true on Nightmare because enemies hit like trucks and your only way of evading is horizontally without extra jumps.

With the help of the Handcannon you can effectively double your jump height's if done correctly so you get twice the amount of jumps for free by picking this gun. But alot of the other guns are very fun aswell but get kinda unviable on nightmare due to the lack of mobility. Unless you get really lucky with jumps and secrets early you are screwed without the handcannon imo.

-So my suggestion is to give the player an extra jump to begin with on Nightmare aswell to balance out the starting phase of a Nightmare run and make the other weapons more appealing. Unless it is intended to be like this.

-Also I think some weapons should be upgradeable to 6 on Nightmare but not all of them. The Handcannon is an absolute beast on 5 especially if you happen to get a gunmod or a damage + but some weapons just can't keep up with that dmg while not providing any significant bonuses as a trade off. THis would require some testing to not go overboard and take away the challange of Nightmare mode.

Section 2 (Exploit?)

There is an item that spawns a couple of small enemies and recharges rather quickly (Useable about every 2nd room maybe) because I guess it is not considered to be very useful. However since on Nightmare ALL enemies are champions these small enemies drop a decent amount of health and recharge obs. So many actually that the item is recharged to about 90% by itself and another 1 or 2 enemies will recharge it to full. Also they drop items on a regular basis aswell because they're champions like I mentioned above. About every 4th-6th use will get you an extra item depending on weather you found a Luck + or not. If you use it to its full potential and only kill like 4 enemies in between uses you will get about 5 uses every room. That is an Extra item EVERY ROOM. This item needs to be changed (for Nightmare at least I rarely play normal mode) because right now it is basically a free win if you get this early on. I mean you really have to fuck up hard on a boss to throw a run with a free item every room. Also it's a decent heal aswell about 30% of your base health.

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 Post subject: Re: Nightmare mode suggestions and an "exploit?"
PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:39 am 
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Thanks for the comment, Karpata!

Regarding the jumps--yes, you're right, the game does rely a lot on jumping. I thought about giving the player an extra jump for nightmare, but I decided that that was against the spirit of the perk--which is to make things crazy/frantic, and not necessarily fair. Nightmare should be a struggle to win even when you're using your best weapon, so not every weapon needs to be as successful in nightmare (for me the crossbow gives me the most success, for some folk the slowing fire of the LHC).

As for that exploit--hah! That's awesome. I'll have to think about how best to fix that. Yes, it's recharging a bit too fast, but you're right--youre supposed to use the item as a "hp and xp farming item"...and it's actually MEANT to be a really useful item like you're using it..but perhaps it recharges too fast. I'll tune the recharge rate a bit at the very least.

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