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 Post subject: Suggestion: Captain's Belt and the Elevator of Secrets
PostPosted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 11:38 am 

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I'd like to tell a story of sorts, I don't know how to say this without spurting out spoilery stuff, so..


In the Crow's Nest, there's an elevator on a final platform with a row of columns leading up to it, when the player approaches the columns fall down and missiles start shooting to use as platforms instead (if you're unlucky and have low speed and jumps), once you near the elevator by whatever means it immediately sinks into the ground, and the final boss appears.

Thinking this was just stuff to mess with the player (maybe it was the previous ending to the game, after hearing from a friend that played an older version) the first time I encountered it, I just took it as a "oh you" twist thing.

Later on in my runs I encountered an item called the "Captain's Belt" that dropped from the Egg Scrambler boss, I used it once to discover its purpose and quickly discarded it because burst happy cats felt way more useful.

Even later still I found Hugbot Alley, and after some visits you can get the Captain's Belt from it.

"Why would I want this item over the others?" I thought to myself. "The Togatroopa Wing and the Motivator are extremely useful for runs with low mobility wanting to reach secrets, but the Captain's Belt doesn't even let you shoot while using it, maybe it's just a poor man's invulnerability?"

After reaching the Crow's Nest a few times I'd try to see if I could get to the elevator before it went down, alas I never could, no matter what angle I approached from. After more failed attempts I wondered if there were any items that would bridge the gap to the elevator faster, or slow down time, or...

That's it!! The Captain's Belt!

I immediately started focusing on getting lucky with Hugbot Alley, and making it to the Crow's Nest, it was harder than I thought. Playing Nightmare and Dice Roll mode may have added to that, but I wanted it to feel worth the effort.

Eventually, after quite a few attempts (most of them were Hugbot Alley luck) I managed to beat the Gumball machine with Blatherskite Crossbow and Captain's Belt in hand! I was ready.

Long story short, this elevator is reachable, under a specific condition in true roguelike-fashion. Should it lead somewhere? Maybe a super uber secret ending, or a boss harder than the current final boss, or a silly extra area like Bullet Central? Maybe it could lead to a true ending, though that would spoil all the fun random stories.

I just feel like the elevator that taunts players every uber run should reward players who finally reach it. (Also the Maw killed me.)

 Post subject: Re: Suggestion: Captain's Belt and the Elevator of Secrets
PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:49 pm 
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huh..that's a hilarious idea!

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