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 Post subject: 8/4/14 Detailed Bug Reports
PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:33 pm 

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Hey Joe just thought I'd stop by and report some bugs I've seen in my something odd 70+ runs since i bought the game on the steam sale,

-Tog-o-drome: bug exists with getting 3 pipe organs where their loot is clipped into the floor with the two side ones, unable to pick up. (I see that this is reported as a general bug with item clipping not just the drome)

-Sanctum: Mobs and loot can get stuck in the huge spinning spikes seen in various rooms of sanctum, making them VERY hard to kill and very hard to pick up the loot if not impossible most of the time.

-Performance: the game can come to a grinding halt of 0 to 1 FPS at high levels of endless mode, where you have max luck and tons of spinners/twerps/bombots are spawned, then are killed, tons of loot spawns (as you'd imagine) but if you try to collect too much at a time, the said above happens. Almost got me twice one time, just barely managed to unlag in time to live. Using my gaming knowledge I'd say this seems to be caused by too many instances of the loot pick-up sounds playing and/or screen flashing effect, but I could be wrong.

-(already posted Maw bug): I thought that I would share my bug report about the Maws "speed bug" theres another thread by someone on the first page of this section where the users speed drops to zero after killing the Maw and returning to Foyer you will have no speed it reads as zero and will takes around 5 min just to get into the first room. In my one experience that I had this bug, none of my setup was the same as the other user, different guns different perk/item. Upon being patient with the bug I did crawl my way to two speed pickups which did not "reset" the bug instead it made me work my way back up from zero gaining around two points of speed on each badge, needless to say I died in forge since it was like lvl 20 endless and I only had five speed.

I would say this could be related to having max amount of speed when you kill the Maw, just my speculation could be wrong. since that was probably the only thing I had in common with the other user.

-Spawning: When mobs spawn such as twerps/spinners they will sometimes spawn half way clipped into part of the environment and unable to move

-Magnet: Sometimes for whatever reason the magnet will shut off randomly and loot won't be sucked to you.

-Bosses: Dr. turret will sometimes spawn in a room where it has multiple floors and it actually becomes way easier due to the floor above you blocking half of his turrets and keeping you safe.

-Minor bug?: if clicking super fast to bypass the stats screen as fast as possible at the end of a stage, you can hear your gun go off, this could be a minor inconvenience for those not wanting to kill hugbots if you have a large AOE weapon.

-Items- Cartesian lattice: doesn't seem to do anything it looks as if it's meant to do a lot of damage with the huge laser grid effect but even the smallest of units do not seem to be affected by it at all.

-Weapon Mods: Seek has a major issue, where it seems to target or "seek" the very tip of the bottom or the area where a turret attaches it's self to the environment, this causes it to most of the time just shoot the environment instead of the turret. Seems mostly related to turret mobs

Another strange seek issue I've discovered is that it will randomly target the floor in Tog-o-drome when the three pipe organs spawn, only confirmed for that boss so far. (it's possible it might be trying to target something the pipe organs fire, like the spike balls?)

Thats all the bugs I could find so far, hope it helps.

Far as Suggestions go, the game is pretty fun to me already. Just a few notes here, the Uber weapon mod can make some guns bullets way to big and all you see is a blinding flash of gigantic bullets clustering your view, can be really annoying specially with guns like, lvl 5 Pipeflute and lvl 5 Babel. It's a cool concept but the visual trade off annoyance isn't worth it compared to crit/rapid fire where most situations you'd get around same DPS.

The only other thing I would suggest is changing the achievement "yes bombots self destructing counts" after trying to run through rooms as fast is humanly possible with max speed on from endless, probably around 100 attempts and no go, it really is a ridiculous requirement you're basically asking us "get lucky enough that spinners or bombots wont spawn until you kill the boss" and no stray turret fire kills any small turrets... the real chances of all that happening on one entire stage are incredibly LOW, like around 1-3%, so to me that is a little absurd since its based purely on rng and not skill.

 Post subject: Re: 8/4/14 Detailed Bug Reports
PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:39 am 
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Hi Epikas!
Thanks for stopping by. A few of your suggestions have been addressed in the newest build, although not all of them. Some of them are, unfortunately, pretty core issues and I really push UDK to the very limits at times...and sometimes over as you've seen with some of the higher endless levels. I think the performance thing is one of those, although I did cap the number of each pickup SFX (the flashing is already limited) that were allowed to play at once in case that alleviates things a bit. I suspect it won't though--this is likely just the pickup chain itself that slows things down.

I've been working on that dang Maw speed bug. It seems like its related to max speed, yes...though I'm not sure yet. I've added some more checks and such..and though I'm not sure if I've fixed it entirely but at the very least I've added a failsafe that sets your speed to the default if at any point you start a level with under 4 speed or so. That should stop it from being gamebreaking at least--though I'll keep investigating to see if I can determine what the exact cause of the issue is.

regarding that minor bug about the load screen--thats weird, you shouldbe unable to shoot then. Well, it *shouldnt* kill you, because the player is actually set to invincible whenever those loading doors close...though it might cause you to lose XP. That's strange.

Cartesian lattice- ill have a look at this today. I'm not sure when I broke it, but someone else confirmed that its busted too

regarding the 'yes bombots count level'... yeah, that is a bit of a tough one. I had no trouble speedrunning my way through the foyer to unlock it myself, and I dont consider myself to be particularly great at FPS games...but it seems I might have been very lucky, as youre not the first to complain about that.

Thanks for chiming in!

 Post subject: Re: 8/4/14 Detailed Bug Reports
PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 9:08 pm 

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Hey, anytime I'm glad to help. Thanks for making us an awesome game.

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