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 Post subject: Deltav's big steaming pile of stinky suggestions!
PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2014 9:37 am 

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brainstorms and stuff!
Fan Rooms
Y'know how that one boss, yes that one, sometimes turns into a gigantic fan and then blows you all the way back to you know where, yes exactly there?
Perhaps some levels could be made with fans in them, some nice vertical ones, or levels in which the fans endanger you of falling off things.

Similar to Chompsalot in the fact that it digs through the levels and pops up to attack. Looks like a worm made out of multiple rusty round segments, with the head segment being similar to Chompsalot's lower jaw and the tail segment constantly spewing debris and scrap metal from digging through the tower.
Movement/attack pattern involves jumping out of the ground at certain intervals (with a maximum interval), and jumping (somewhat higher) towards the player.
The digging mechanics would probably involve something among the lines of the worm having to stay within a certain range of the part it is digging in. That way it can also climb walls and the like, and unlike Chompsalot be able to move vertically as well as horizontally.

The Infestation (or a name that does not sound cliché)
Boss version of the Rustworm, and probably one of the largest too (discounting spikewall, gunwall and you know who).
Hasn't changed much in appearance from the original Rustworm, save for its size and the amount of segments. The segments have turrets on them, however (only bullet? or other kinds? maybe spawn other rustworms), and when jumping out of whatever surface it was embedded in, the turrets will fire. Turrets can be destroyed, though the segments themselves cannot be destroyed individually. Would be an interesting boss to fight, considering it would ram more agressively than Mama Spinbot, and be more unpredictable than Chompsalot.

Eye Laser
Basically a turret variant of the Cyclops, though considerably less infuriating to fight since it A. does not turn invisible and B. is not twerpical in movement.
It doesn't move, see?
The Eye Laser looks like some sort of big spotlight in overall shape, but is made so that it also looks like it has an eye of some sorts. It will follow the player's movements closely. When it's about to fire, the eye will flash red (Cyclopses should do this too!), it will stop following for a second, and then it will unleash a laser at the location it last pointed at.
Will lead to situations in which you walk into a level in Warehouses, and you suddenly see circles. And the circles face you. And then they flash.

Disco Inferno/Unbeholder
Mr. Turrets/Egg Beater style boss. Is immobile, not sure what it would look like. Would utilize patterns of flesh-melting lasers and have the player on its toes, tap dancing between rays of death. That light at the end of the tunnel is something you really want to avoid.

X Nest
Replace X with Spinbot/Bombot/Rustworm/Twerp.
A stationary 'turret'. Except it doesn't actually fire anything! Instead, it constantly produces smaller bots and make a mess of the room. It has a cap on how many minions it can have spawned and alive (which increases when the difficulty rises). Can take a generous beating.

Absurdinating the Absurdinator!new!
One of the issues I have with this gun is that it simply isn't insane enough. Too powerful to make use of the secondary effects of the bullets, not enough variety in bullets because they all are essentially the same save for effects. I really feel it should be a really random and unpredictable gun, and it doesn't really do that right now.
So I propose the following. Reduce the damage of the bullets (but keep them slightly higher than their original variants), and let the physics of the bullets themselves vary per bullet. Increase the variety in bullets to all of the weapons, and add the enemy bullets to it too.
Probably more to come!

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