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1.1 related bugs
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Author:  Melee-Chan [ Tue May 20, 2014 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  1.1 related bugs

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this forum(you can probably tell at this point...) but that's out of the question. What's IN the question is that I've just played lots of Tower of Guns today, very very happy about the 1.1 update! I really enjoyed it and would let Joe(as well as the rest of you readin' this) know about some bugs I bumped into related to the update(I think so, at least, can't remember the bugs from before)

So anyways, the first bug is related to the Egg Scrambler boss, where the saw blades from the Portable Pizza Slice gun would bounce off the core of the scrambler. Now on the image, it's kinda bloody difficult to see, but the flashing light goin' off the core is the actual saw blade I shot at it. I don't know if it's related to the gun or if it's the bounce power up that comes with it(that sounds more sensible to me)


The second(and last) bug I noticed was in the foundry, where the floor under the lava would rise to avoid pickups and items bein' stuck underneath. Well, that's exactly what happened with an item the boss dropped. The floor that picks up the stuff clipped through the item and brought up all the health, weapon-xp and item orbs except for the item itself. The image is kinda non-sensical since it shows the floor itself, but I figured I'd just take a screenshot anyways to remind me that it did indeed happen.


I just wanted to bring this into attention for Joe to consider fixin' in a hotfix or somethin', but also to tell him that his game is awesome and he better bloody keep workin' on it ^^

Author:  blankslatejoe [ Wed May 21, 2014 10:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.1 related bugs

Hi Melee Chan! Welcome to the forums!

Someone else reported the egg scambler bug, and I DID just push out a fix for that, since it blocked progression. The other bug (the lava destroying your item) is one I THOUGHT I fixed, but perhaps I didn' I'll have to have another look at it. That fix might be awhile in coming.

Can you recall which boss you fought?

Author:  Jill [ Fri May 23, 2014 5:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.1 related bugs


there are a bunch of bugs I noticed today

Can't catch an item in this boss room. Happened twice so it may be easy to redo

Then, this gun, it's very fun but quite bugged.
Each canon shoot separately, on lower level, when the 1st canon on the left shoots, the projectile comes from the canon on the right. On level 5, all projectiles start from the middle of the gun.
Most important, it does not aim well, when looking forward it shoots lower left, and when looking up, it shoots lower right, see pictures :
My other gun was working right, aiming around crosshair.
I could not retry after restarting a game because I can't start with this gun.

Author:  DeltaV [ Sat May 24, 2014 5:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.1 related bugs

blankslatejoe wrote:
Can you recall which boss you fought?

My name is not Melee-Chan, but I think I know what room has the issues.
If I recall correctly, which I do, it's the room in which Mama Spinbot is found. It has deepish lava pits and the lava rises. After the boss is defeated, the loot falls down and the metal floor rises up to protect the player (and loot) from the lava. Except the item that falls down does not seem to collide properly, it just clips through.
This can probably be fixed if the floor rises more rapidly. Or, well, if the items just stop clipping weirdly.

EDIT: Bug in the final level, you know the one. It's sole secret is kind of bugged because of the elevator platforms clipping into the rewards. I mean, the rewards clip right the hell back through, but it looks weird and sometimes you can't collect them anyway.

Also, my claim of Champion enemies only spawning in the foyer was wrong after all, they do spawn in other levels.
The problem is is that they spawn so rarely, and in such small quantities (like, only one amongst a thousand others), and their buffed stats simply don't make a difference. A buffed spinbot will still die, but only greener, and isn't really much of a danger lategame. I think that the Champion rates need an increase, and that the Champion mechanics as a whole need some work. I feel that in order to make them effective, they need to make some sort of impact, they have to draw the players attention and somehow be dangerous enough that the player prioritizes them over the rest of the bullets coming at them.

Author:  Aische1984 [ Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.1 related bugs

i recently started playing again and found some bugs

with a shotgun gegerator i had bomb bots and spin bots flying through the unicorn vomit mines without trigering the explosion

with an uber hedgehog i had a similar problem
the hitbox of the projektiles doesnt seem to be as big das the model

and on the rare level "ToG-o-Drome" i did not get an item or gun mod most of the time

Author:  spamer2212 [ Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.1 related bugs

I just ran in to a bug with the Egg Scrambler. It dropped from the ceiling but went too far to where his top spikes were covering the second weak point. I was super confused for quite some time. Image

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